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Board and Secretariat

CES President [2016-2018]

Harry Cummings  BA, MA, PhD
[email protected]
Location: Gueph, Ontario

Harry is the Director of HCA. He has supervised over 120 graduate students and teaches graduate courses in Regional Economics, Program Evaluation, Community Economic Development and Research Methods, He is an active community member and has served on the boards of many community organizations. Harry is fluent in French and Indonesian.

CES Vice President [2015-2017]

Gail Vallance Barrington BA, MA, PhD, FCMC, CE
[email protected]
Chair, CES Professional Designations Program
Chair, CES Credentialing Board [member since 2010]
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Gail Vallance Barrington started Barrington Research Group, Inc. in 1985 and has conducted over 130 evaluation studies. She received the CES Contribution to Evaluation in Canada Award in 2008. She wrote Consulting Start-up and Management: A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers (SAGE, 2012) and teaches evaluation on line.

CES Treasurer [2014-2017]

Simon Roy BA, MA, PhD, CE
[email protected]
Location: Ottawa/Gatineau

Simon Roy is a Partner at GGI and specializes in social-economic and evaluation research. He is a credentialed evaluator from the Canadian Evaluation Society. Over the last few years, Dr. Roy conducted evaluations in a wide variety of areas including human resources and training, economic development, languages and culture, industrial research, and Aboriginal affairs.

CES Secretary [2015-2017]

Robert Chatwin   BA, MSW, CE
[email protected]
Board Representative for CES-Nova Scotia [2015, 2016, 2017)
Past President, CES- Nova Scotia Chapter (2015, 2016, 2017)
Location: Nova Scotia

Robert Chatwin has over 10 years of evaluation experience.  For the last 6 years he has been overseeing the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation's (NSHRF's) efforts to assess, document and communicate its performance to stakeholders. In addition, he is responsible to facilitate the evaluation of programs and services provided by the NSHRF.

CES Past-President [2016-2018]

Benoît Gauthier BA, MA, MPA, CE
[email protected]
Transitional Vice-President for the Professional Designations Program [2013-2014]
President [2014-2016]
Location: Gatineau, Quebec

After a brief seven-year career in the Canadian public service, Benoît joined the private sector as a professional evaluator and social science researcher. He took part in more than 500 studies and over 100 evaluations. He is responsible for the publication of the book "Recherche Sociale" from 1984 to 2016 (now in collaboration with Isabelle Bourgeois). Since 2005, he has been a member of a group of volunteer volunteers, including Shelley Borys, Natalie Kishchuk and Simon Roy, focusing on evaluation in Canada. He received the CES Service Award (2002), the CES Award for his contribution to evaluation in Canada (2006), and the title of Credentialed Evaluator (2010). He holds the positions of lecturer or honorary member of the École nationale d'administration publique du Québec, Carleton University and Charles Darwin University.

CES Chair, Communications & Marketing Committee [2016-2017]

Johann Jacob  LL.B, MPA
[email protected]
Board Representative for the Société québécoise d'évaluation de programme (SQEP) [2015-2017]
Location: Quebec, Quebec

Johann Lucas Jacob has over 10 years of experience in program evaluation. He works at Université Laval for the Observatoire québécois de l'adaptation aux changements climatiques (OQACC), a research center dedicated to the M&E of climate change adaptation. He is also a lecturer in program evaluation at École nationale d'administration publique (ENAP). Johann has to his credit two books, as well as some fifty scientific articles and evaluative research reports.

CES Chair, Professional Learning Committee [2015-2017]

Kate Woodman, BA, MA, PhD
[email protected]
Board Representative for CES-Alberta and Northwest Territories [2013-2017]
Member of the Communication and Marketing Committee [2013-2015]
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Kate Woodman, PhD has over 30 years' experience in program evaluation, research, management, facilitation and training in Canada and internationally. She and Eugene Krupa, PhD, CE (co-principals in Catalyst Research and Development Inc.) enjoy customizing designs and capacity building so organizations can catalyze positive, sustainable change.

CES Chair, Governance & Process Committee [2015-2017]

Brenda Wedge BA, CPA, CGA
[email protected]
National Representative for PEI [2012-2017]
President of the PEI Chapter [2016-2017]
Location: Prince Edward Island

Brenda has a Masters Certificate in Project Management and a Certificate in Leadership Development.  Additionally, she has completed substantial training in Program Evaluation.  Brenda is a Senior Consultant and Principal with MRSB Consulting Services. She has over 25 years' experience providing business advisory services and strategies to clients including evaluation services, diagnostic assessments, business plans, economic impact analyses, research and consultations, and funding proposals. She has worked with public and private sector entities including businesses, organizations, and associations in a variety of sectors including health, community services, bioscience, fisheries, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, renewable energy, and education. Brenda has worked on projects in Canada, Belize and Barbados.


Sidiq (Sid) Ali BA, MA, PhD, CE
Board Representative for CES-Ontario [2015-2017]

Denise Bélanger BA, MA, CE
Board Representative for CES-Manitoba [2015-2017]

Réanne Kinsella BA, MA, CE
Board Representative for CES-Newfoundland and Labrador [2013-2017]

Wayne MacDonald BA, MA, CEP
Board Representative for CES-New Brunswick [2015-2017]

Maureen Matthew M.Ed., CPHR, CE
Board Representative for CES-Saskatchewan [2013-2017]

Doaa Saddek BA, MA, MPhil, PhD
Board Representative for CES-National Capital and Nunavut [2016-2017]

Sandra Sellick Bed, MEd, EdD, CE
Board Representative for CES-British Columbia and Yukon [2013-2017]

CES Executive Director [2015-2017]

Rebecca Mellett BA, MA, MSc
[email protected]
Location: Victoria, Brisith Columbia

Rebecca is CES' Executive Director with over 20 years of experience leading federal public policy and manageing strategic planning, program operations, evaluation and research for a number of central agencies and line departments. A specialist in sustainable international development (LSE, Harvard) and results-based management, gender and governance, Rebecca has field experience as Canada's representative in Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua and was a regional manager of CIDA outreach and communications for western Canada. Her community work serves the not-for- profit section in capacity-building, fundraising and membership engagement. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish, presently pursuing her CE and Certificate in Applied Evaluation Methods.


Lynn Burgess
CES Secretariat, Director of Client Services at Megram Consulting Services Ltd (Renfrew, Ontario)
[email protected]

Nanci Lines
CES Secretariat, PDP Manager, Megram Consulting Services Ltd.
[email protected]

Bonnie James
CES Secretariat, Director of Finance and Administration at Megram Consulting Services Ltd.
[email protected]

Marie-Josée Krose
CES Secretariat, OSNM Secretariat, Administrative Assistant, Megram Consulting Services Ltd.
[email protected]

Ellen Martin
CES Secretariat, Administrative Assistant, Megram Consulting Services Ltd.
[email protected]